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Schloss Reinbek

Schloss Reinbek on a sunny Easter Monday 22.04.2019 I was living only 2km away from this castle and used to visit there quite often – for a classical concert in the castle, for a jog, for a long walk. Even though this castle is only a few km away from the border between Hamburg and …


Schloss Bergedorf / Castle of the day

ベルゲドルフ城(ハンブルク) Schloss Bergedorf, Hamburg 22.Apr.2019 Somehow I was always so reluctant to explore more about this castle, probably because I was living there too close. Now one year after I moved out, I finally felt like exploring it seriously 😉 even though I often went there for a short walk with Italian gelato in my …


Johannisberg and Pompejanum

  Johannisberg and Pompejanum in Aschaffenburg 18.05.2018 I was thinking ‘Finally!’Because I always wanted to visit this castle. It’s located at the edge of Bavaria close to Frankfurt, and it wasn’t very easy to combine with other castles.However…. How come that this one is under the restoration work…I was too late or too early.The main …

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