Wotersen Castle

In the suburb of Schleswig-Holstein, this castle stands with dignity. It is counted as one of the most beautiful castles / manors in the region. Some of you might know it from the famous German TV series ‚Das Erbe der Guldenburgs.‘ In the Middle Ages, there was a fort there, which was presumably destroyed during …


Burgruine Schauenburg

A castle a day. Well, it wasn’t easy to find out how to access the castle ruine. After searching for 30 min. I finally find the hiking path leading to the ruine. With my ‘anytime trekking schoes’ – lucky me, I had them in the car, as the ground was covered by ice and snow …

Castles Travel Run & Castle Run

Schloss Reinbek

Schloss Reinbek on a sunny Easter Monday 22.04.2019 I was living only 2km away from this castle and used to visit there quite often – for a classical concert in the castle, for a jog, for a long walk. Even though this castle is only a few km away from the border between Hamburg and …


Schloss Bergedorf / Castle of the day

ベルゲドルフ城(ハンブルク) Schloss Bergedorf, Hamburg 22.Apr.2019 Somehow I was always so reluctant to explore more about this castle, probably because I was living there too close. Now one year after I moved out, I finally felt like exploring it seriously 😉 even though I often went there for a short walk with Italian gelato in my …


Traveller’s Tree

Traveller’s Tree // We’re Travellers 11.04.2019 ー We’re both travellers ー Traveller’s Tree or Traveller’s Palm, what wonderful names given to this wonderful tree. What a happy encounter・・・it fits me perfectly. The origin of name isn’t known exactly. Some say, because the sheaths of the stems hold rainwater, which could be supportive to travellers in the deserts. …

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