Wotersen Castle

Wotersen Castle

In the suburb of Schleswig-Holstein, this castle stands with dignity. It is counted as one of the most beautiful castles / manors in the region.
Some of you might know it from the famous German TV series ‚Das Erbe der Guldenburgs.‘

In the Middle Ages, there was a fort there, which was presumably destroyed during Thirty Years’ War. After that, it is said that the castle was build between 1721 and 1725, and modernized around 1730 and around 1770.

The castle is not open for public but e.g. concerts are regularly held in the old riding arena, especially during Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival.

A X’mas market used to be held till 2014, which I an imagine very beautiful.

Ref.: Schleswig-Holsteins Schlösser, Herrenhäuser & Palais, Husum Verlag, ISBN 13:978-3-89876-278-6



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