Takaoka Kojo Park (Takaoka Castle) with Cherry Blossom 01.04.2019

90 min. run this morning. Cherry trees were about to bloom in any minute. With camellia and cherry trees in the drizzle… well after taking this piture, it started to rain heavily.

Again I noticed that how little I know about Takaoka castle, even though I lived with it for 18 years. Especially during the last three years there, I passed the Kojo Park every day.

Why didn’t I have any chance to learn about this very historical site till now? Kojo Park – Once upon a time, there was a castle called ‘Takaoka castle’ – everybody living there knows that. Can anybody please tell me more? Not many know that Takaoka castle is selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 fine castles. Yes, it is. The park is also selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites. Wow. that’s something. During the run today, I wass thinking of the history of the castle and the park all the time.

Takaoka castle was build by the order of Toshinaga Maeda in 1609. He lived there 5 years till he passed away. in 1615, the castle was destroyed by the order of Hidetada Okunaga, the 2nd Shogun in Edo era, ‘One caslte per county.’ However, Toshitsune Maeda, the step son of Toshinaga decided to keep the basic structure of the castle. The existence of the park was at risk in 1870, as it was about to be passed into private hands. Kajyuro Hattori, a politician there at that time managed to prevent it and established the used-to-be-castle area as a huge park (approx. 210,000 sqm), which is one of his great works in Takaoka. That’s why the ground remaind as a park and beloved by resident.

The joging in the park is ideal. You can run along the moat in and outskirts of the park. Wonderful view of trees & flowers… also a lot of stairs for a nice training.

I want to learn about this site more!






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