Burgruine Schauenburg

Talking to the sun

A castle a day. Well, it wasn’t easy to find out how to access the castle ruine. After searching for 30 min. I finally find the hiking path leading to the ruine.
With my ‘anytime trekking schoes’ – lucky me, I had them in the car, as the ground was covered by ice and snow and it wouldn’t have allowed me to walk through the forest in my sneakers – I started walking up the path and steps

I was happy to see the foot steps of other “crazy friends” in the snow who must have been there before me, as I actually didn’t see anybody on the way to the castle ruine. Who else felt walking there in the freezing and windy weather at all…?
On top of the hill, there was the ruine of the castle, which was probably build between 6th and 8th century during the franken era and has been abondoned since 13th century.

There was nobody there but the winter sun and me in the silence.


Ref: https://archive.vn/20130211094106/http://www.gemeinde-schauenburg.de/tourismus-und-kultur/freizeit-und-erholung/ausflugstips.html




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