Travel Run -Sagrada Familia-

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona


Finally I’m back! Since I have had a glance at this wonderful church more than 10 years ago, I finally had a chance to take a little more time there. Even though I could not afford to going inside this time either, because it was simply too early in the morning but I had no other chance, I enjoyed the view from 360 grad around the church.

Starting at 7:00 from the hotel, I headed to Sagrada Familia ‘straight' away. Barcelona is a big and busy city. Actually I thought that the morning there would be a bit slower and quiet, just because the night is always young there. We also dined there at around 23:00 the night before. Well, after I started running, I noticed that the streets has been already busy. Wow. Anyhow, it wasn’t so easy to run so straight as I wanted but I had to go zig-zag…and finally it was there dominating the scenery.

The silhouette in the morning sun was stimulating my mind just perfectly positively. I can concentrate on myself and my thoughts. I had nothing to worry about any more. Thank you for being there. I was glad & happy I have decided to jog, though I had only three hours to sleep.

About 10 years ago, it was still said that it would take decades till it will be completed. Now it seems that the church would be ready in a few years! Next time, I will have to manage to go inside and a have a look at the finalized masterpiece 🙂


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