Johannisberg and Pompejanum


Johannisberg and Pompejanum in Aschaffenburg 18.05.2018

I was thinking 'Finally!'
Because I always wanted to visit this castle. It's located at the edge of Bavaria close to Frankfurt, and it wasn't very easy to combine with other castles.
However.... How come that this one is under the restoration work...I was too late or too early.
The main rooms will be accessible probably in a few years. But the timing is to be announced.
Well, I can't wait visiting there again.
Still, you should not forget there are always something good if there is some thing bad. After finding out that the castle was to be visited only partly, I had a nice 15 min. walk to the next castle Pompejanum which is in the same ground.
On the way to Pompejanum, the path was surrounded by thousands of roses and the fragrance of the flowers were perfectly accompanying me.
I savored the nice view of the park and the Main river, and also envied the joggers. I felt like jogging immediately, too.
Pompejanum, which was built after a roman apartment in Pompeij in Italy by Kind Ludwig I (the granddad of famous Fairy-Tail-Prince Ludwig II), in the mid of 19th century.
The inside was amazingly decorated. Once you step inside, you are in a gorgeous mediterranean resort. Very bright also through the inner courtyard. The floor is made by mosaic tiles and makes you cheerful. I stayed there and enjoyed the atmosphere till the guardman started to close the main door, as it was the closing time.
A part of the castle was burn and heavily damaged during the 2nd world war, and restored in 1960.


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