Haus Hainstein (Die Burg Wartburg)

Haus Hainstein for Burg Wartburg 03.05.2015

This is a hotel I can really recommend if you are going to visit the castle Wartburg.

Actually, a part of the castle is used as a castle hotel, and it’s of course possible to stay there directly next to the main castle.

So why do I want to stay at Haus Hainstein?




Because it’s atomosphere in the hotel, because of the beautiful view of the castle from the window and the restaurant (if you stay in the castle hotel in Wartburg itself, you cannot enjoy the view of the whole castle on the hill top!), and especially because of the walking path from the hotel to the castle through the forest.

I had a wonderful time 40 min. walking from the hotel to the castle through the narrow path and through the nature. Just deep breathing the tasty air and listning the birds tweet – I felt so peacefully.


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