First Run 2019

First Run 2019 01.01.2019

The best way of sightseeing at all is jogging outside.

Me and my friend found a small orchestra by small people (dwarfs) in Wroclaw last April during the morning jog 🙂
Today’s feeling is like this. Need a good run, to breathe the natural air and to find something special.


The finding of today’s run is…

See this.

A totally muddy path just turning in front of me, which I cannot see where it leads. The sun is about to shine after raining and I appreciate the wonderful combination. What I now need is just a pair of good shoes, which accompanies me to go on.
I’m sure to find my dream castle at the end of the path.

As a consequence, I will have a pair of very muddy but priceless shoes like this 😉

So was my very first run and finding 2019.


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