Castle run -Wotersen Castle-

Castle run -Wotersen Castle-

Approx. 14km Run I had today - what a beautiful Sunday 🙂 It was expected to rain but I was lucky!

What I really would wish is to visit the huge park behind the castle. The courtyard is small and you’ll be surprised once you come round of the castle - a perfect unison of a huge park and the forest behind it. You can have a look at the park beyond the fence only.

Of course this castle is owned privately and there is no obligation for the owner to open the park for everybody. But I cannot help thinking of jogging there enjoying the view of the castle in fine pastel yellow - almost like Theresia
Yellow of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.

On the way back, you can deviate the way going through the former castle town surrounded by brick houses from the 18th Century, and then proceed to the path through the forest.

Sometime I will go on and run till Güster, a small town 5km from the Wotersen castle in the other direction and the very location with a beautiful scenery. How I will come back would be another story then 😉

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